Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chessmen 3D Printing [WIP]

Last year I posted some designs for chess pieces inspired by the Isle of Lewis chessmen. Last week I received my Form 1 3D printer and was finally able to start creating tangible pieces. I'm having an absolute blast with this whole process.

Here are some pics of Chessmen v 0.1. The pieces haven't been sanded or cleaned up yet since I am still prototyping the designs. I removed the supports and put them in an alcohol bath to wash away the uncured resin and that's it so there are still lots of visible artifacts left over from the supports.

Rook before being removed from the build platform.

One of the pieces in alcohol bath.

Here's the knight before removing the supports.

 The king was a failed print. He is supposed to be holding a scepter but I didn't have any supports in that area so the piece fractured. This piece is 4'' tall.

After seeing them all together, there are several changes I will make, mostly proportional adjustments such as the Bishop being too big and the Queen too small etc. I'm also going to redesign the Pawn and stand the Knight up a bit more as it is encroaching on the adjacent squares at the moment.


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