Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Scribe

Hey there! Starting this week's sculpt was a challenge. I knew I wanted to do a character sculpt and I thought I knew what kind of character I wanted to work on. I began to sketch out some thumbnail silhouettes but wasn't happy with the direction I was going. I quickly lost my momentum and motivation to sculpt after trying to force the concept when it simply wasn't clicking for me that day. Lately, I have been reading a lot about building prototypes and the concept of "failing faster". The idea is to spend as little time and money as possible to test whether or not your design is a success or a failure. Failing often can be a good thing, because it means that you are answering questions quickly and you will arrive at your solution that much faster. Once I stopped trying to force an idea that was a failure (at least for me on that particular day), I came up with a concept for a new character almost immediately.

I think I will revisit this character and do some fibermesh testing on it, I don't feel like I have a full understanding of that system yet and I think this would be a fun character to try that out on.

Below is my thumbnail progression of the silhouettes. The last image is just a screenshot of my Zsphere Rig that I created to pose the character.

Here is a video of the early stages of sculpting.  Zbrush projects will only save 10,000 actions. I forgot to pay attention to the history slider and accidentally went over the limit so by the time this recording starts, I already had the main forms sculpted but as usual, I began with a sphere and pulled forms from there. The video playback is 2.5X speed so skip ahead to 1:15 in the video as it was nauseating to watch with the camera panning around so fast.

Note - Vimeo only allows autoplay of videos that embed a start time which is why I didn't embed the time stamp. 

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