Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gold Miner

I wanted to do a somewhat stylized 19th century gold miner/panner for my sculpt this week. He wanders around carrying all of his possessions on his back while searching the hills for gold. There isn't much in the final sculpt to suggest what this character is actually searching for but I liked where the silhouette led me so I just went with it and the name 'Gold Miner' stuck.

Here are the images from my progression. I started with a very rough sketch that I used to quickly inform where I wanted to go with the sculpt. Next, I created a primitive sphere and turned on Dynamesh to quickly rough in my shapes. Before sculpting any details, I used the qremesher to keep the topology somewhat manageable - I wanted to spend as little time as possible doing technical work and just enjoy the sculpting.

If I were to continue with this sculpt, I would probably add a bit more detail to the larger pack such as a frying pan or a shovel that hangs down from the straps.

For the beard, I only sculpted in the larger shapes because I knew I wanted to start playing with the Fibermesh feature in zbrush, so the shots above have beards with and without Fibermesh. I will have to continue exploring that feature - Zbrush is amazing!

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