Thursday, October 25, 2012

Game-Res Models

Here are a couple of game-res samples. I can't really say more about this project right now. Textures are hand-painted 512X512 Diffuse and Normal maps. The turtle was a little higher res than I would have liked but it has nice clean topology and the silhouette turned out better this way so I think it was worth it. For the diffuse, I generated an AO, Displacement, Point-Light, and a value pass all of which were composited in Photoshop. All passes were generated in Zbrush including the normal map. I learned afterward that UDK Normals were not really synced with any bakers but they released a new build that is supposedly synced with Xnormal....I was either Xnormal or 3ds max. I'm still a little confused but I seem to be getting decent results now. I'll go ahead and generate the maps in X-normal and see what happens.